Saturday, February 13

What's your Valentine's Day plan?

I've never been all that into Valentine's Day. It's nice to have someone around on the day, but it always seemed like a holiday designed to rub single people's noses in their status.

In the past, when I was single, I was a big fan of the anti-Valentine's Day. One year, I rented Saw and made a bunch of spaghetti and had a friend over. We figured it was appropriate for Valentine's Day because the sauce was red... and so was the blood in the film.

But Tim likes holidays, even this one. So we've generally settled on going out to dinner. It's not too expensive, there's no gift-giving to worry about (I told him it was one or the other: gifts or food) and both of us are happy.

This year, though, things are extra tight. That's mainly because we're paying down debt. But there's also the cost of flying Tim up for the wedding. After using our miles as a partial credit against the ticket price, we're still paying $145 to get him up there, $153 to rent a car, and about $100 in various expenses while he's there.

Normally, I'd weep at these amounts, but it's his best friend's wedding. That's not something he can just get around to after we're out of debt. So, no weeping. A little moistness in the eyes at the bills, but, as far as I'm concerned, it's worth it.

Overall, the fates were conspiring against our having any kind of Valentine's Day celebration. Perhaps it shows a lack of a romantic soul, but I wasn't particularly put out. Tim was still hoping to do something, though.

My mom took pity on us and sent us an early anniversary gift: a $30 American Express gift card that she got as a rebate from some endeavor. So she has saved the (Valentine's) day!

Being the sentimentalist that I am, what uber-romantic spot did I pick for Feb 14th? TGI Friday's.

Before you roll your eyes... Tim never gets to go there. The closest one to us in Seattle was a good 20 miles or so away. Now, there are a couple within 10 miles of us. I had recently agreed to go with him, since they were offering the three-courses-for-$12.95 deal. But we got lost and then I got grumpy and just wanted to go home.

Given that debacle, this less-than-Valentinesy suggestion was actually met with some enthusiasm from Tim. I'm really not sure which is sadder: that I thought it was appropriate or that Tim is eager to go. Whichever it is, I certainly feel lucky that I found a guy who is so amenable to cheap, easy fun.

So our Valentine's Day will consist of three courses at a chain restaurant and playing the trivia game on those little mini-computers they hand out. And you know what? We'll have a blast, even with the long wait to get in.

Bonus: The gift card should cover dinner and sodas. We'll just have to pay for tax and tip.

What are you plans this Feb 14th? Are they more traditional? Are they unique like ours? Or are you ignoring the holiday altogether?

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Blogger Harm said...

Bah, Humbug! (LoL)
As a single AND unattached person,
I'm ignoring Valentine's Day altogether.
(except as one more day on the long road
to springtime!)

February 13, 2010 at 10:44 PM


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