Thursday, November 20

A few changes...

Some of you may have noticed that things look a little different.

I'm officially part of the Pepperjam Network now, which is an affiliate marketing program. I'll probably be switching some things around off and on.

As always, I welcome feedback!

I will be creating a poll later and would love some input about which ads (if any) you'd actually be interested in.

I want the feedback because, frankly, some of these things don't interest me much. But it's about making the site useful/interesting to you. And I want even the ads to reflect that.

That said, if I may indulge my geeky side, I was quite pleased to find there are some great companies in this network. The one I'm most excited about is Marvel. Besides the obvious "cool stuff" factor, it's relevant to my own interests. Which is to say Tim's gift interests. Tim's been strongly hinting (read: flat out saying) that he wants his big gift this year to be a yearly subscription to Marvel's archives. (They have comics that are published only on the website and are accessible only to subscribers.)

Holiday Sale At The Official Marvel Shop!

So let me know what you all think and I will try to keep this site as relevant as possible!


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