Friday, December 5

DIY gifts II: This time it's personal(ized)

Currently, VistaPrint is offering each customer a free* wall calendar for your friends and family.

By free, of course, I mean that the company has contrived several ways to get you to spend money on a free gift. But the cost is still quite low.

First, it depends on how personalized you care to get. The standard calendars have some pretty and/or funky designs. You can put in a "logo" (or, as an individual, probably a little message). All that is free.

But, if you prefer to upload your own pictures, the cost is $2.49.

Second, the grids. If you want basic black & white grids (which I think are fine) it's free. For matching-color grids, it's an upgrade of $0.74.

Third, paper. The standard paper is, of course free. For slightly nicer varieties, you will be charged $5.24.

Finally, shipping. This cost is unavoidable, unfortunately. But the basic method is still only $5.10.

So, if you go with the basic options -- standard design, b&w grid, standard paper -- the calendar costs you a total of $5.10 for shipping.

For one with personalized pictures, you are still only paying $7.59, which is less than any calendar kiosk and far more individualized.

You can get an additional discount, though, as a member of Inbox Dollars. If you use the site's link to go to Vista Print, you will receive a $5 credit to your account.

That brings the entire cost down to 10 cents for a standard calendar or $2.59 for one with personalized pictures.

(On the off-chance you're not already a member of Inbox Dollars, you do receive a sign-up bonus of $5, which means, essentially, you'd be getting paid to create a calendar.)

In summation: quick, easy, thoughtful and, above all, CHEAP.


As for other cheap gifts, be sure to check out The Freebie Blogger's 12-days-of-Christmas giveaway. She's giving away your choice of gift cards. But you have to register each day.


And a quick couple (cheap) ideas from the Marvel Shop (for those Spidey fans among you):

Ever wish Spiderman would agree with you more? Well, now you can have that -- and you get your own captive audience to boot! He's on holiday sale for $6.95 (reg $11.95)

Or, for those of (ahem) poor taste who don't see the delight in your personalized Vista Print calendars, you can get a 2009 Spectacular Spiderman Animated Series 2009 calendar. (Tim and I watch this show, I'll admit it, and it's actually pretty fun. Though the theme song is forever stuck in my head.)

Holiday sale $8.95 (reg $10.95)


Blogger J. Money said...

yeah, i heart vistaprint for sure! and - it's all about finding the good deals.

December 7, 2008 at 5:41 PM

Blogger Donna said...

I'm a freelance writer who bought business cards from VistaPrint -- 250 of them for $3.95 in shipping. There's a little line ad for VistaPrint on the backs of the cards, but that doesn't bother me.
There are a fair number of templates/designs from which to choose. All in all, a great deal -- especially since I got MyPoints points for ordering them. :-)

December 14, 2008 at 8:49 PM


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