Friday, February 19

Super cool awesome wonderful contest!

Sorry, I was channeling Japanese game show titles there for a moment!

So, here's the deal about the contest:

I am going to hold it when I unveil my new site over on Wordpress at a (gasp) self-hosted site. With a domain and everything. I'm a big girl now!

It's not ready yet so don't go snooping, please. But I should be able to polish the last of the rough edges off it no later than next Friday. At which point, the contest goodies will be here, too.

The prizes will include a Starbucks gift card, a Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card, and of course, an Amazon gift card. And, as is befitting the blog, I'll have some personal finance books to give away.

So stay tuned, kiddies and I'll work furiously as I can to get the new site up to snuff!


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