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Money Hacks Carnival: Swine Flu edition

In honor of the overwrought swine flu hype, I thought I would dedicate this Money Hacks edition to all things porcine!

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Editor's picks

MLR presents 6 Signs That the Recession is Ending posted at My Life ROI, Getting the Best Return On Life.

Ms. SP presents Sell Your Used CDS to Second Spin For Extra Money posted at Ms. Smarty Pants Know It All.

Little People Wealth presents Little People Wealth: Stealing and Lying in the Name of Frugality - Thirteen Horrible Tips posted at Little People Wealth.

The Happy Rock presents Necessity vs Luxury: Research Shows That The Economy Shapes Our Perspective posted at The Happy Rock.

Real Estate

Jacqulyn Richey presents Hope for Distressed Homeowers posted at Las Vegas Real Estate Market News.

Aryn presents Understanding Mortgage Points posted at Sound Money Matters.

Money Beagle presents Is Now The Time To Buy Rental Properties? posted at Money Beagle.

Kevin presents Negotiating Refinancing Closing Costs posted at No Debt Plan.


Bootstrap presents Lessons from an Index Fund posted at Bootstrap Investing.

D4L presents Buy-And-Hold Under Attack posted at Dividends Value.

Investing School presents Investor Mistakes - Constant Refresh posted at Investing School.

Neal Frankle presents Variable Annuities - Why They Stink & How To Get Out Now posted at Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management Advice, Financial Stress Management, & Resources.

ChristianPF presents Diversification strategy from the Bible posted at Christian Personal Finance.

Matt SF presents What is the Fear Trade? posted at Steadfast Finances.

Stock Trading Brokers presents Zecco Discount Broker Review posted at Stock Trading Brokers.

Darwin presents Swine Flu Investment Ideas posted at Darwin's Finance.

Praveen presents Combining Fundamental and Technical Analysis in Stock Trading posted at My Simple Trading System.

Manshu presents Gold ETF: iShares Comex Gold Trust (IAU) posted at OneMint.

Steve Patterson presents Chinese Internet Companies Climbing posted at

J. Money presents Just call me Warren Buffett The 2nd in stock picking. posted at Budgets are Sexy.

The Smarter Wallet presents Fibonacci Retracement: A Technical Stock Tool To Predict Market Direction posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Jae Jun presents Stock Investments From Forbes 400 Best Big Companies posted at Old School Value.

Credit & Debt

KCLau presents Do You Have a Wedding Debt? posted at KCLau's Money Tips.

jim presents Citi Forward Credit Card Review: Rewarding Responsibility posted at Bargaineering.

Jeremy presents Criminal Charges, Volume XXXVIII: More people you thought you could trust posted at Taking Charge.

Ben presents Credit Card Scammers posted at Money Smart Life.

David presents Why low interest credit cards are not always the best option posted at Credit Card Offers IQ.

Thursday presents Credit Freeze: Stop Identity Thieves Cold posted at Wealth Junkies. presents Pump Up Your Rewards Programs posted at

Mr Credit Card presents Credit Card Car Rental Rewards posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

Frugality & Saving Money

Bank Champ presents Failed Banks Not Required to Honor CD Rates posted at Bank Champ.

Nui Loa presents 67 Cheap Date Ideas for the Recession-Era Romantic posted at Love Hacks.

Jack Schmidt presents Starting Young: Teaching Teens to Save Money posted at SectorMatic Money Journal.

Billeater presents You want Tips? You Can't Handle These Tips! posted at Billeater.

Barry presents How To Have A Baby Amid A Recession? posted at Associate Money.

Cooupon Artist presents Why It is Worth My Time to Argue For My Coupons | posted at

Pinyo presents How To Find The Best Online High Yield Savings Account posted at Moolanomy Personal Finance.

DR presents Is Budgeting Keeping You Poor? posted at The Dough Roller.

Momma presents 25 ways to save money posted at Engineer a debt free life.

d. ninja presents Get rid of that darn storage unit posted at Punch Debt In The Face.

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents Save Money on Mother’s Day Flowers posted at Cash Money Life.

Jeff@StretchyDollar presents Saving Money On Minimum Wage posted at StretchyDollar.

MatthewPaulson presents Money Merge Accounts: Are they Real and do they Work? posted at Fine Tuned Finances.

nickel presents How to Negotiate and Lower Your Bills posted at

pfincome presents Money Saving Tips for Starting a New Vegetable Garden posted at Passive Family Income.

Mike Pastore presents Web Site Review of | posted at Mike Pastore.

RC presents 20 Ways To Reduce Your Household Energy Use posted at Think Your Way to Wealth.


MoneyNing presents 20 Different Areas to Think About for a Cheaper Auto Insurance Policy posted at Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning.

Sun presents Life Insurance May Make Better Budget Sense Than You Think posted at Earn More Invest Wisely at The Sun's Financial Diary.

Jim DeSantis presents Divorce: What To Do About Medical, Life, Homeowners, and Auto Insurance! posted at Divorce.


FMF presents How to Make Money by Becoming a Referee posted at Free Money Finance.

Writers Coin presents Turning Down a Promotion: A Baseball Lesson posted at The Writer’s Coin.

BloggingBanks presents $75 Bank Bonus Deal at Bank of America posted at Blogging Banks.

Samuel Baron presents How To Maximize Sales On Your Site | Samuel Baron | posted at Samuel Baron |

Jacques Groenewald presents Make Easy Money On Ebay posted at Monkeyprofit.

Madison presents American Express $100 - $250 Gift Card posted at My Dollar Plan.


Jeff Rose presents Surviving an IRS Audit — Tips for Small Businesses posted at Jeff Rose.

FFB presents 25 Ideas For Your Income Tax Refund posted at Free From Broke.


Michael Gvirtzman presents Retirement Planning and Net Worth Calculation Tool posted at Mind Listings.

Len Penzo presents Personal Finance For Dummies: It's as Easy as A-B-C posted at Len Penzo . Com.

kathryn presents Stimulus Plan Leads to Stimulus Scams posted at Out of Debt - Christian Finances and Debt Help.



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