Friday, August 1

Rewards Programs

If you only take away one resource from my site, make it this one. This is a huge site with tons of information -- all free -- about various money-making and money-saving processes.
  • It has lists of mystery shopping companies, any category the companies specialize in, and links to sign up.
  • It has a forum where open jobs are posted, along with location.
  • It has a coupon section
  • It has information on making money online -- from points programs to pay for reading email and surfing the net

  • This is a fabulous program. I've cashed in points for hundreds of dollars of gift cards over the past eight or nine years. Mom and I saved up for Sam's Club cards and used them to buy food for the wedding buffet
  • You get 5 points for reading an email and clicking; 10 points if you try to take a survey and you don't qualify
  • In addition, if you do online shopping, you can use MyPoints as a portal and earn points for each dollar you spend
  • Or you can sign up for trial memberships (but be sure to write down the cancel-by date on a calendar)
  • You can redeem for as little as $10 (1500 points), if a birthday or holiday is approaching.
  • Just for signing up, you get 250 points
  • If you refer a friend, you get 250 points
  • If you do decide to sign up, I would love it if you'd use me as a referral:

  • Like MyPoints, you earn points. Like MyPoints, you redeem points for gift cards -- including gas cards. But unlike MyPoints, you don't have to read anything.
  • MySearchBonus gives you one point for every search you do, up to 50 per day.
  • You get 50 points for signing up.
  • You can refer people and earn one point for each search they do, up to 100 points.

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