Thursday, December 11

Two reasons to check out the Freebie Blogger!

One: Because there are only 3 days/gift cards left in the 12-days-of-Christmas giveaway! Yours truly won a Wendy's card (whoo hoo!) which I intend to spend indulging in Frosty's and my favorite fries.

Two: Because she has a cool (and simple) DIY gift of her own: Chocolate covered pretzel rods. She even details how to cover them with candy, etc. They look great (and I bet they taste even better!) and I'm thinking even mom and I can't screw up this recipe too much. Though, goodness knows, we'll try!


Blogger J. Money said...

oooohhhh la la Wendy's is the ish! good for you, that is very exciting :)

December 11, 2008 at 5:55 PM


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