Tuesday, June 9


As promised, folks, today I'm bringing you a special offer from Swag Bucks!

In deference to some big changes at the program (all good, I promise), they are offering my readers the chance to sign up and get SIX Swag Bucks. That's double the normal amount!

All you have to do is go here to the registration form. Fill out your personal information and, when you get to the blue highlighted box at the bottom of the form, input the Swag Code "PENNYPICKING" -- be sure to use all caps. (The code will work until 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, June 16th.)

Voila! You will have 6 Swag Bucks tucked safely in your account.

Of course, you can save up for the bigger stuff. But maybe you want to go on a spending spree! Well, then try your luck in one of the many "Swagstakes" to try your luck at winning prize packs, vintage posters, guitars, or even 100 - 1,000 Swagbucks.

If you're more interested in a sure thing, the Swag Store has prizes starting as low as 3 Swagbucks.

  • Need some tunes? Get an MP3 for as little as 3 Swagbucks.
  • Feeling nostalgic? Go get a Return of the Jedi trading card for 20 Swagbucks. (Or save up for some Star Wars collectible figures.)
  • Saving up for something on Amazon? You can get a $5 gift card for only 45 Swagbucks!
  • You can also get electronics, airline miles, and more!

Whatever you decide you want, check out the Swag Store and take advantage of the special gift with purchase offered on certain items! Just in case giving us free stuff wasn't enough, these guys want to give us free stuff for getting free stuff!

And you'll have plenty to look at. Starting today, Tuesday, June 9th, the video game section is going to get a lot bigger. As in thousands of new & used titles, many on special sales.

On Wednesday, you will see a new feature, "Shop & Earn Favorites." Just choose your favorite Shop & Earn stores. After that, you'll automatically be notified when the stores have new coupons and deals.

On Thursday, go check out the new homepage -- Swagbucks 2.5. I've been told it's cleaner, easier to navigate, has new special elements and is, in general, snazzier than ever!

Finally, throughout the week, the Swag Bucks team will be bringing you "Swag Code Hunts" on the site's blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter pages. I've done several of these hunts, and they're a little frantic but tons of fun! And there's nothing like a gratuitous Swag Buck in your account to make you smile!

Once you're signed up, don't forget to kick your Swag Bucks earning into high gear with the Swag Bucks Widget. This 300 px by 301 px box will have:

  • A referral tab (how else will you recruit your Swag-Bucks-searching minions?!)
  • A search box (A good reminder for you -- and said minions -- to do their searches)
  • Swag code alerts (Keeps you from having to constantly check in)
  • Pictures of Swag Store items (Gives a new meaning to "Keep your eyes on the prize!")

Put it on your blog, on social bookmarking pages and profiles... Wherever you think you can recruit more people to the cult-y goodness that is Swag Bucks. (But better than a cult, because rather than giving up your worldly possession, you get more!)

So go, sign up, and start earning!



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