Wednesday, December 2

I may never buy toilet paper again!

And not in some creepy three-seashells kind of way. Or stealing TP from restaurant bathrooms. I'm talking about, where I will now be getting lots of things free!

If you're not familiar with, it's a nifty little site. Essentially it's a newer, better There are all sorts of toiletries and household items to buy.

A helpful checklist when you sign up lets you designate specific items you tend to shop for. Then, you can click on those items -- garbage bags, laundry detergent, etc -- and see the selection available. Or do a search (by item or brand) for the exact thing you want.

One of my favorite features is that you can set up reminders. As you choose items for the "My Products" page, the site asks how frequently you buy them. It will then remind you if you're due to run out soon. This is great for people like me. I constantly run out of garbage bags, hand soap and a few other random things. Then I have to hunt around for whatever deal I can get at that exact moment. The reminder function will probably save me a bundle.

Another nice thing? Automatic coupons. The site keeps track of various manufacturer's coupons and applies them without any work on your part. No fuss, no muss. Great for anyone who hates the hassle of clipping.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, shipping is always free! This has always been a sticking point for me, when it comes to online drugstores. Sure, the prices may be lower, but that doesn't help me if the shipping costs obliterate any savings., though, has no physical location, so there's never any sales tax or shipping costs. The price you see is the price you get.

Okay, all this is great, you're thinking, but how does any of this mean I get free stuff? Well, we're back to one of my favorite themes: Why Swagbucks is awesome!

Swagbucks has $5 gift cards for 20 SB. Twenty. If you're even remotely diligent about your searches, you can get that in about 10 days. If you're kind of compulsive, like me, you'll get one in 5-6 days. (And when you sign up, Swagbucks starts you off with 3 SB, just to get you on your way.) has a pretty wide selection. Under my products, I have deodorant, shampoo, razors, garbage bags, storage containers, hair scrunchies, vitamins, sunscreen and cat food -- just to name a small selection. I was psyched to see a couple of Catwalk products that I have been wanting to try out. (I'm a sucker for anything by Tigi!) We've also been discussing the need for a Swiffer around here, and that's in Alice's inventory.

Just think how nice it would be to spend $25 less a month in your drugstore. Whether you want to try out Gladware, stock up on batteries, get some Forever stamps or get some extra contact lens solution, you're set with And isn't it always nice to get a little extra breathing room in your budget?

Use that $25 to snowflake your debt, add a little extra to your savings, or -- heck -- go out to Chili's and get the "2 for $20" deal. Whatever. All I know is, we'll be spending a lot less on toilet paper around here.

Sign up at Swagbucks, and get started on your own free toiletries.

If you got $25 a month for, what would you buy? Necessities? Indulgences?

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Anonymous Bobby said...

Wow, awesome. Didn't know about Swag or Alice.

December 2, 2009 at 2:46 PM

Blogger FrugalCityDweller said...

I got super excited when I read this about, but since I already redeemed my swagbucks for 2 paypal cards, I couldn't get one of these today. Also, I'm hoping there is a glitch in the system because Swagbucks says there is only one per new members only. Have you already redeemed multiple codes?

December 2, 2009 at 3:49 PM

Anonymous Lulu said...

I went to the site but could not find the product list. Do you have to sign up BEFORE you can see what products are available?

I do not want to have to go through a sign up process only to find out that they do not carry the products I want.

December 3, 2009 at 7:58 AM


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