Wednesday, December 2

Well, damn!

This will teach me to talk about plans before enacting them.

I was super excited about exchanging some swagbucks for some gift cards. By my calculation, you could get $25 of free household toiletries for only 100 SB. Sounded great; almost too good to be true. Which probably should have tipped me off.

Thanks to a message from FrugalCityDweller, I took a closer look at the Alice gift card redemption rules. Turns out, you can only get one per Swagbucks account. In order to use the credit, you have to supply the code while you're actually signing up for an account.

In other words, it's $5 off your first order. Not a bad deal, but certainly not as fabulous as I had thought.

So I apologize to anyone who I got amped up over free household goodies. Know that I, too, am completely bummed by the lack of free drugstore items in my life.

I guess I should have realized that the site wouldn't want people like me taking advantage of multiple gift cards. Then again, Tim's PSP just arrived -- the PSP that was paid for by Swagbuck gift codes! So my faith in Swagbucks partners is, I hope, somewhat understandable.

That said, I'll be sure to check and double-check the fine print from now on, before I go getting our collective hopes up.

Sorry 'bout that.


Anonymous Becky said...

That's great to hear about the PSP. Did you purchase stuff to earn sb or was it all from searches? I only started using swagbucks recently. Been using mypoints for several years now - i redeem for Shell gift cards. We drive too much: typical Californians.

December 2, 2009 at 11:09 PM

Blogger Abigail said...

I don't purchase things through Swagbucks. I love the site, but the SB:dollar ration is just not worthwhile.

I just keep an eye out for swagcodes (Engineer a Debt Free Life tracks them pretty well) and do my searches. That said, my readers helped out a LOT and I'm very grateful. When you refer people, you get a swagbuck to match the first 100 they earn. That definitely gave my total a boost.

Of course, other rewards programs also offer gift cards, so that can really help the cause. I have a lot of success with MyPoints because I print source coupons through the site (10 pts per coupon redeemed, an extra 25 pts/month if you redeem 10+), do the toolbar searches (1 per day nets you 75 pts/month), and just keeping up with emails, I generally get between 700-1000 pts per month. So that's about $100 a year in gift cards, without any purchases or other special offers.

December 3, 2009 at 11:35 AM


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