Thursday, August 21

I'm feeling the love...

Lisa over at Living Easy has gifted me with an award. Shucks, Lisa, I appreciate it!
And following the rules, I have to gift it to up to seven more. But I've more commonly seen five. So that's the number I'm going with.

  1. My Money & My Life: I like her writing style and her ponderings -- which are frugal but also about other things.
  2. Pushing 30: My Debt Deadline: A Canadian gal whose writing I like and who is working toward freedom from debt.
  3. Life on Frugal Day at a Time: She and her husband are remodeling their home, but just got a double-whammy. Her husband is already seeking work. She was just informed her company is closing. I'm wishing her the best and I know she'll get through this.
  4. Win Your Battle with Finances: I have just found this blog but the writing is good.
  5. ModernGearTV: An interesting site for product reviews. I like this because it's not about just buying tons of stuff -- it's about buying smartly. Also, if you sign up for her newsletter you're automatically entered to win one of her many giveaways.


Blogger Pushing30 said...

Thanks for the award Abby! This is a really nice way of spreading the word. I've chosen my five as well...check them out and maybe you'll find some new ones to add to your list.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

August 23, 2008 at 12:33 PM

Blogger Abby said...

I did check them out (and all of you should too). There are some great sites on there. Well-heeled made me think and snicker. What more can a girl ask for?

August 23, 2008 at 8:00 PM


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