Tuesday, August 19

Yay, more free press! (& frugal posts!)

A quick bit of good news: Some blog carnivals have seen fit to publish some of my submissions. There are great other articles on these, so I urge you to check them out.

So without further ado:

The Relationships & Social Skills blog carnival is up and running. (My submission was "Why are we so afraid of no?") This has some great looking stories:
  • Relationship advice (incl "5 ways to be a better friend")
  • Social skills (incl "How to look great on a budget" and "No contact is great, but what if you work together?")
  • People skills (incl "9 great ways to approach someone & start a conversation" and "How to address an embarrassing problem" and "How to skillfully address suffering in the world")

The Festival of Frugality is also up and going strong. (My submission: "How to get something for nothing") There are too many to even list a couple per subject, so I'll just urge you to check them out yourselves.

  • Editors' picks including:
  • Frugal lifestyle, including:
  • Frugal family activities
  • Saving on food: Groceries, cooking and dining
  • Shopping tips: Sales and coupons
  • Spending and budgeting
  • Back to school savings tips
  • Saving on transportation
  • Personal finance journeys
  • Miscellaneous savings tips
  • Other


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