Monday, August 11

Sugar update...

I am up late. Too late. (Which calls to mind: "It's never late until it's two; and then it's too late." Which also makes me realize that puns based on homophones just don't translate as well in print. Ah, well.)

I have been sitting at the computer dinking around with clip art, with the end result being the new pig button for my blog list (me? fishing for compliments? never!).

More importantly, I'm digesting some cinnamon sticks.

Yep, I caved.

Those who have read my second-ever post "Cutting Back" already know that while my husband is quitting smoking I had agreed to forgo sugar (except on my birthday) until he was more settled in to non-smoking life.

Luckily, the Wellbutrin is making things very easy for him. It takes away the anxiety, which is what made it so hard for him to deal with cravings. And since he's not fighting tooth and nail, he's been reminding me I'm welcome to a dessert at some point.

I, however, was enjoying actually having some self-control. And there were nice side effects, such as fewer mood swings from hypoglycemia and a noticeable decrease in my essential tremor.

So I stuck it out. Until tonight when the cravings got the better of me.

And I'd like to say for the record: Totally worth it!

But for purposes and keeping down grocery bills and for general health/waistline issues, I think I am going to keep trying to go as long as possible without sugar. The sheer savings from all the things I didn't buy this week -- well it's hard to say exactly how many I would have gotten versus simply craved; but I know I saved us at least $10 this week. Probably closer to $20.

And so my new goal is 9 days -- at which point it will be the 19th (my birthday). After a celebratory and probably near-lethal dose of sugar on that day, I will try to set a new goal. Maybe I'll try for 11 days this next time around.

I'm off to enjoy the last of my sugar high before bed.


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