Monday, October 27

Interesting note....

I still didn't see Aveeno Eczema Care stuff back on the shelves of any drugstores around here. So I wrote to Aveeno asking for an ETA on the stuff.

The person who emailed me back is a terrible speller ("excema"??? c'mon, you're a skincare company representative, for cryin' out loud -- spell check) but otherwise quite helpful.

Apparently, although officially the "Eczema Care" line has been discontinued, the "new" products Aveeno® Advanced Care™ Body Wash and Advanced Care™ Moisturizing Cream are the exact same formula.

So if any of you have eczema (or even excema) or know someone who has it/loved that line of products, just go and find the new name.

And, for my troubles, I am getting some coupons in the mail. I do love customer service reps, even when they're orthographically challenged!



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