Friday, October 17

Just a random thought...

As it's Friday, my thoughts naturally turn to garage sales.

I'm wondering, with the economy in the tank and so many families hurting financially (or just plain scared they will be):

Do you think we'll see a much-extended garage sale season?

I think, here in Seattle, at least, we already have. It's not quite the bustle that occurs in the summer, but I still see more signs than I'd expect to.

Perhaps we will all be able to nab some extra yard-sale deals this year, for gifts under the tree, etc.

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Blogger J. Money said...

you know, that's a good question. I did notice that there were quite a few scattered about the DC area this weeken, which pretty much surprised me!

unfort. i wasn't able to stop, but i sure welcome it :)

October 20, 2008 at 6:19 AM


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