Thursday, June 11

They like me, they really like me!

It would appear that luck is with me this week. Two of my blog posts caught the eye of the folks over at the Wall Street Journal finance blog, The Wallet.

If you followed one of those two links -- well, really, any link that brought you here -- I appreciate your taking the time to check out this blog. If you like what you see, I do hope you will consider subscribing.

Also, if you aren't yet signed up with Swag Bucks (one of the most addictive rewards programs ever) you should know that the good folks at are offering my readers the chance to start out with six Swag Bucks -- double the normal amount. Just click here to find out more about the program and to get the special code that will net you the extra 3 bucks.

Finally, a reminder that tomorrow is Freebie Friday, which will highlight free events, samples and other items of interest, all courtesy of The Freebie Blogger.


Blogger Alissa said...

Congratulations on the Wall Street Journal link. I think it's cool that a blog I read has Wall Street cred. I guess all those Wall Street folks are learning the value of frugality!

June 11, 2009 at 5:54 PM


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