Thursday, December 10

A more affordable way to lose a cell phone

Yep, I lost my phone. To my credit, it's the first one I've ever lost. Still, it's upsetting to say the least. We've done a couple of searches in the house, to no avail.

I'm going to try and do one last grid search of the apartment. I am convinced it's here, and not just because I called all the spots we visited the week before it went missing. I distinctly remember the night before Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving eve?) I was using the landline because my cell was low on charge. I thought, "Gee, I'd better charge it soon because it will die overnight." And, of course, I didn't.

If I still don't find it, I have to figure out what to do next.

I don't particularly want to buy a new phone because even the crappy ones aren't cheap, unless you're willing to sign away an extra 1-2 years of your life. Especially since this isn't my personal plan, I don't feel comfortable doing that.

I suppose the other option is to cancel the line. But we only have a year left, and my line costs around $12-15 a month. So the termination fee will be about as much (if not more) than keeping the line open. And if I choose the latter, I have some options if I either find my phone or meet someone who wants to upgrade to a nicer one. I could also prowl eBay if I'm feeling particularly desperate, which, for the moment, I'm not.

So I think I'm going to attempt to get a new SIM card instead. I have to check with AT&T, but if I get a new one, that should make the old one defunct. That would keep anyone from using our plan's minutes -- assuming someone found and kept my phone. At the same time, we wouldn't have to pay the termination fee, and, if I find another phone, I could go back to having a phone.

I figure that's the most affordable way to pay the stupidity tax.



Blogger Ginger said...

Ahh, but the MOST affordable way to lose the phone is this:

Don't cancel your line, just call and inform the company that you've lost your phone. They'll put a hold on all calls so you don't have to pay for anything. Then if you find it under the couch or something, you don't have to pay for a new SIM card. Just reactivate.

Also, have you tried calling your phone and listening for it anywhere? (assuming it's still on).

And finally, whenever someone in my family loses their phone, we just buy one from someone on Craigslist. As long as you meet in person and ensure that the phone works, you can get some amazing deals. Everyone wants to get a new Blackberry or iPhone, so they have their regular cell phones to get rid of. This is where you get the deals!

I haven't had a bad experience yet and I've had to do this several times in the past 2 years...

Give it a shot!

December 10, 2009 at 1:00 PM

Anonymous Abigail said...


I didn't know cell companies would put a hold. That is fantastic!

And we can't call the phone. By the time we realized it was missing, it went straight to voicemail because the charge was gone.

I will definitely keep an eye on CL ads. I don't need anything fancy. Thanks for the advice!

December 10, 2009 at 3:35 PM


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