Thursday, August 28

We are not amused

This is more housekeeping than actual posting, because our computer imploded last night thanks to a nasty malware program. Which Norton insists we downloaded and won't help us with until we pay extra for the help. More on that later.

So I may or may not be without a computer until Tuesday, as we have no desire to spend $200 to buy a new operating system.

I am still going to try to do some posting and will check my email for comments, etc, at libraries and rely on the good graces of my mother.

First, let me sprinkle in some good news: More giveaways!

Between some smart frugal scrounging and raiding some extras already owned, I've come up with some decent giveaways.

So, at least so long as I can keep it going, I'll be doing weekly contests, starting on Mondays and running through Friday or Saturday. They won't always be obviously about frugality -- but, really, what's more frugal than FREE?!

I've ordered a couple of personal finance books that I'll peruse, review and then give away. And I have come up with quite a few pampering (bath/skin) items that I'll put into some small gift baskets and ship to the lucky winner!

It's a good reminder that frugality doesn't mean deprivation.

That's about it for today. Though since I'll be a little quieter than usual, I want to encourage yu to check out my blogroll partners:
  • Brunette on a Budget had an interesting piece early this week: "Can money buy happiness? In short, yes." I think money can certainly a buy a lot of nice things. But for me it's more lack of stress than happiness -- knowing I have padding in the bank. That said, it took courage for her to say this stuff. Honestly, she's right when she says we feel like we're supposed to say "no" and that it makes us better people.

  • Pushing Thirty: My Debt Deadline has a few interesting posts. She's considering whether or not to take on a part-time job, weighing the pros/cons. Also, Monday, she asks whether an auto club is worth the money.

  • ModernGearTV always has something new and interesting. While the blog is focused on things, I love it because a) the writing is fun and tends to make me giggle and b) she's very clear about wanting intentional consumption, not just mindless consumerism.

Also check out The Freebie Blogger. I don't usually have much use for freebie blogs but this one is fab! She has a $10 off Body Shop coupon (min purchase $10 only!!!!). You can sign up to get free advance books from Random House. And the staple of all freebie blogs: weekly store specials (but she combines them with coupons you can print off her site for extra savings).

Finally, I want to encourage you to sign up at PFBuzz (click through on the image to the right of this post). It's a social bookmarking site ONLY about personal finance. Plus, in order to get more steady readers, the webmaster is giving a not-so-small referral fee of 50 cents each. Please don't abuse this, but if you know folks who have a genuine interest in frugality/investing/etc, this is a great place to send 'em. Plus it's an excellent spot to bookmark your own blogs! So click through if you're interested. Think of it as my getting 50 cents closer to that new operating system, worst-case scenario.


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