Monday, October 27


It looks like today is a day for housekeeping, so here are a couple updates.

First: The Freebie Blogger is giving away a $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble! Visit her site to find out more about this fab, fab giveaway!

Second: I am painfully late on my own giveaways.

I know this. I am so very sorry. Thanks to the depression spiral, updating to the new template, doing my contract work and helping with the oft-mentioned Magic Cards we're selling for a friend... I got completely behind.

So, to one person who actually is still owed her stuff, I haven't forgotten you and you'll be getting extra goodies as an abject "I'm so sorry!"

When I mail off these goodies, I'm bringing home some flat rate boxes so that I have no excuse to get so behind again.

As for the rest of the giveaways... I never heard back from the winner of the Jean Chatzky book "Pay It Down!" so I picked another number.

Subscriber Janet Faye was the winner. So Janet, if you can contact me (just leave me a message in the comments, I won't publish it) with your address, I will get this puppy out the door and off my to-do list!

As for the currently-listed giveaway, the winner was TXsunlover! TX, same thing. I need to know where to mail this basket of goodies.

Ladies, I'll go ahead and wait one week before drawing again. So please respond because I want these things off my guilty conscience!

I'm going to go ahead and wait for this to get settled before I do another giveaway, which will also ensure that this time I have all the packing materials and such ready to go.



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